5 Weird Things about Casinos


Casinos; a glitzy and glamorous area which made gambling fancy. Even if you are a gambler or not, casinos are enticing to all. The glitz and glam of Casinos filled with promising opportunities to try your luck at getting rich while playing games (or as some people may call it, gambling) can be a little too tempting to refuse. Whether you like it or not, it is an experience that is very hard to pass up on. From crazy loopholes to stories of a game of poker lasting for days, Casinos have it all! Here are some interesting facts about casinos:

1) Adult Diapers

Adult-diapers are a common thing and even encourages for heavy gamblers: Casino can be incredibly competitive and go into a trance, so much so that they refuse to leave the casino floors at all. According to stories by various addiction counsellors and casino employees, sometimes the gamblers are so stubborn that they urinate on themselves than leave the casino floors. In two separate instances casinos have seen to be soaked in urine, once when a man refused to leave a really-long game of blackjack and sat on his urine soaked chair until the game got over and once when a man urinated in the coin slot!

2) Travelling Casinos

The Grosvenor travelling Casino: The smallest casino in the world is a mobile casino, and it is situated in the back of a taxi-cab. Located in London, this mobile casino will take you on a journey along the city to anywhere you want to travel, and additionally lets you gamble on your journey- double the fun! Though it may be in the back of a cab, it is fully complete with a bar, a gaming table, a dealer and a T.V where you can watch sports while travelling. Talk about a wild ride!

3) Don’t let the name fool you

The coin-slot machines are the most profitable part of casinos: Although the name may suggest them to be ‘penny-slot machines’ these coin hungry machines are actually the most profitable part of most casinos, according to various casino employees. A casino in Atlanta credited 70 percent of its total earning to these coin machines. As almost every person who enters a casino tries they luck with the slot machine as it only usually costs a penny (though some spend way more than that). So next time you are playing these coins remember to not fall prey to these alluring money grubbing machines!

4) Casino Inventions

The sandwich was invented in a casino: Sandwiches as we know them today, were actually discovered in casinos. John Montagu, the 4th earl of Sandwich while in the middle of a gambling session was so deep into the game that he refused to leave the table and instead asked his staff to get him meat with sliced bread, so it would be easy for him to eat without having to leave the table for a proper meal, and the rest as they say, is history.



5) Play even in Prisons

A prison in U.S.A had a casino for its prisoners: Las Vegas, situated in Nevada is so heavily associated with casinos and gambling that you can’t say Vegas or Nevada without thinking of casinos. Casinos were such a huge and integral part of the state that The Nevada State prison built a casino for its inmates in 1932 which was fully functioning for 35 years until it was shut in 1967.


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