The Growing Casino Industry in Goa

Casinos In Goa

Casinos; a place once deemed to be a haven for gamblers and a place for rich people to spend their incessant amount of money, has now started to become a booming industry. The tempting glitz and glamor of casinos along with the enticing opportunities to ‘try one’s luck to become a millionaire’ has resulted in thousands of people swarming into the casinos. This has led to casinos becoming one of the most booming businesses all across the world. Casinos slot online are still associated with the rich, however some places like Las Vegas or India’s very own Goa have now become associated with casinos. With the growing middle class tourism in Goa, the growing craze and interest in casinos, more and more casinos have started appearing all across the city. Every other cruise ship now features a casino like 1bet2u, and has now become a ‘floating casinos’ as these casinos are on international waters. So one can now enjoy the experience of a cruise ship and a taste of the glitzy casinos in Goa, which are growing in popularity especially amongst the tourists. As the influx of tourists increases each year in this city of beaches so does the influx of the tourists to the casinos.

Since the first casino opened in 1922 the now ever growing offshore ‘floating’ casinos have now become a forest of casinos, and it has become so especially in the landscape of Panaji, that it has become fused with the entire area of Panaji in Goa. So much so, that it has become a part of the Panaji landscape itself and it is difficult to imagine Panaji and the Mondovi river without these offshore casinos. Casinos all over the world in places like Macau, Las-Vegas and in Goa have seen the socio-economic structure of that are growing and improving immensely. The rise in the number of casinos has led to a considerable jump in the tourism figures and in the revenue earned by the casino owners and the government officials. Adding to that the fact that there are no rules governing the casino operations, this industry seems to be booming without any halts. Additionally, large casinos is leading to increase in the employment opportunities for the natives and non-natives of Goa.


The attractive economic footprint of the casino industry, combined with the heavy reliance on tourism by the coastal state, the city seems to be more than welcoming to this gambling industry as it seems to be a win-win situation for the city. As it leads to the rise in the number of tourists, rise in the employment rate and rise in the socio-economic status of the city. The glitz and glam of the casino is adding more to the ever popular coastal city of Goa and with the city welcoming it with open arms and slowly making it a vital part of the tourism industry, there seems to be no stopping the Casino industry in the coastal state.


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