Things you should keep in mind before your big trip!


Travel Essentials:

Whether you are planning on finally going for that backpacking trip, planning for a solo trip or finally going on that Goa/Ladakh trip you will need to travel with your most essentials. While packing most of us tend to pack over 3 outfits for one day and forget to pack our toothbrushes. So here is a guide to packing light and packing the essentials for a perfect trip.

Picking your main luggage:

Firstly, it is very important to pick a luggage that is lightweight while at the same time big enough to hold all the essentials. A lightweight luggage is easier for you to carry around for all your travels. It’s always smart to carry a luggage that you can both carry and roll. For backpackers, you can opt for a luggage that doubles up as a rolling luggage and a backpack. It is also very important to have a carry-on luggage in case you are traveling on a flight. For the weekend getaways, the duffel bags always comes in handy. So these different types of luggage are very essential to have for your different types of travels.

Organize your stuff:

Let’s packing and unpacking is, unless you are a neat person, is a task and frankly a hassle. Additionally, we tend to over pack and under pack at the same time no matter the duration of your trips. So it is extremely important to organize all of your essentials so that most of our stuff is packed in the luggage. Having an organized luggage not only helps you find where most of your things are but also gives you more space to fit in more luggage. Plus, most of tend to lose at least one item in with each trip, like leaving a part of ourselves wherever we go. So having an organized way of packing can be extremely beneficial.

Packing the basic necessities:

Honestly, do we really need 5 books for the 4-day trip just in case? All of tend to pack multiple uniforms and forget to pack our essentials. No matter the destination, some things are essential to all individuals.
Firstly, it is extremely important to carry a small handbag that you can carry while your suitcase or main luggage sits in the hotel. In this small backpack you carry your basic necessities that you will require your day outing. If you are in a foreign country, always carry your passport with you wherever you go. Secondly, it is very important to carry your own water bottle with you everywhere you go, to quench your thirst and save the need to buy unnecessary plastic bottles. Additionally it is always advisable to carry your healthcare that can include your daily medicine to safety kit to sanitary napkin.

So always remember to travel light, smart and safe with our guide.


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